Friday, February 22, 2008

Why Is Wireless Technology Dangerous? (Part 4)

Continuing from our earlier post, the cell runs out of energy. Bad things happen when the cells of your body don't have any energy. As we said, the biggest problems are that the cell can't receive nutrients nor can it detoxify. The other big problem is that the cell-to-cell communication process is lost. Messages between cells don't get processed or perhaps the messages don't even get sent. When the cell can longer do it's job functionally problems occur. For example, if it is the job of certain cells to keep the blood-brain barrier closed, and that process is compromised, we then have a situation where toxic material can enter and damage sensitive brain tissue. And indeed this has been proven. One of the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation is that the blood-brain barrier leaks or opens.

Free radicals that have built up inside the cell damage the mitochondria, as we said in the last post. But free radicals also damage and interfere with the DNA repair process the occurs inside the cell. This process produces the formation of micronuclei inside the cell. Micronuclei are simply DNA fragments that clone themselves. Then, when the cell undergoes its normal process of cell death (this occurs naturally as the average cell only lives about 120 days) these micronuclei are released into the nutrient-rich environment created when the nutrients couldn't get inside the cell. Normally, macrophages (scavenger cells) would be called upon to clean up these micronuclei. But because the cell-to-cell communication process has been disrupted the message doesn't reach the immune system. So the micronuclei don't get destroyed. Sitting in an environment rich in nutrients the micronuclei are free to clone and proliferate. And as everyone knows micronuclei are the precursors to tumor formation. And thus we set the stage for the development cancer unless we can intervene in this process.

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