Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why Is Wireless Technology Dangerous? (Part 3)

Okay, we've established that there's a domino effect taking place . Here are the steps we've discussed so far:
  1. The cell receptor senses the exposure to EMR
  2. This EMR exposure is interpreted as a foreign invader and biological responses occur
  3. The cell membrane hardens. Nutrients can't get inside the cell and toxins can't get out
  4. Interstitial fluid (the fluid in the spaces between cells) starts drying out causing dehyration
  5. Mitochondria are damaged from the toxins and energy is soon depleted
  6. Cells die, tissues are damaged, organs are affected.

Once energy is depleted resulting from the damage to mitochondria the body will not have enough energy to detoxify. It takes a lot of energy for the body to run its detoxification processes. There simple isn't enough available now as the system is tiring out. Secondly, when energy is depleted cell-to-cell communication breaks down. When this communication is lost one part of the body can't communicate with other parts. The system then can't know how or when to respond to attacks, stresses, environmental changes, etc. that may confront us. The immune system is weakened leaving us susceptible to other toxins and illness. We are now compromised in our ability to fight off other invaders and offenders with which we come in contact.

And so the cascade of events begins that damage the body. Certainly, the procearly stages of this process are sublte and go largely unnoticed. But over time the toxic load we experience due to EMR exposure, and then to additional everyday other exposures, becomes more than our body can handle and the breakdown of health begins. With no cell-to-cell communication and a compromised immune system we are at great risk.

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