Friday, February 8, 2008

Current Safety Guidelines For Cell Phones Are Meaningless

Did you know that cell phones were introduced into the marketplace without ANY premarket safety testing? In fact, they are the only radiation-emitting device ever sold without any safety testing. How did this happen? Well, industry representatives convinced the government that the only way that radiation could cause harm was through a thermal, or heating effect. The microwave oven was used as their example. They reasoned that microwave ovens are dangerous to humans only because the amount of power being used to drive their frequencies is great enough to heat tissue (much like what happens to food in a microwave). They further reasoned that if the power was lowered enough the heating effect would not take place. No heat, no harm. The government bought in to this false assumption and that's how cell phones were excused from premarket safety testing. The cell phone industry simply lowered the power so no heating would take place. And all cell phones now manufactured today comply with a low power rating set by the government, called SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). They tell you if your phone has a low SAR, which all phones do, it won't hurt you.

We now know that it isn't the amount of power behind the frequencies that is the problem. Another mechanism is a work here. These frequencies are having an adverse effect on our cell membranes and cell-to-cell communication. And that's an issue that has profound health implications.

There's a whole lot more to this story so stay tuned.

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