Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How Cell Phones Affect Pregnant Women

Here's some major news recently released about the effects of cell phones on the unborn child.

In a study done jointly by U.S. and Danish researchers the offspring of mothers who used a cell phone during pregnancy showed a dramatic increase in behavior issues such as hyperactivity and emotional problems after their birth.

The cell phone only had to be used two or three times a day during the pregnancy so it wasn't as if these moms were spending hours and hours on their cell phones.

Among those children who had also used a cell phone by age 7 the incidence of behavior problems was 80% higher!

Researchers were completely at a loss for an explanation.

The study also showed these children were 25% more at risk for emotional problems, 34% more likely to have difficulties relating to their peers, 35% more likely to be hyperactive, and 49% more likely to have conduct problems.

I hope you'll pass this information on to anyone you know who is pregnant. They need to know this information!

The study is scheduled to be published in the July 2008 issue of the journal Epidemiology.

Passionate about health,

Lynn Quiring, RPh, CCN, NMD