Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cell Phone Radiation and Health Problems

Although the FDA takes a neutral position on cell phone radiation our government has known of problems for some time. During the Cold War the American Embassy in Moscow was "micro-waved" by the Russian Embassy. The American ambassador became ill and was soon diagnosed with leukemia. His replacement also became ill and was diagnosed with leukemia. Embassy staff members became ill. After an investigation it was learned that low level frequencies, similar to cell phone radiation, was responsible. Furthermore, after extensive study the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency warned all of its personnel of risks from low-level radiation. (Just FYI, microwave radiation and cell phone radiation is basically the same.)

Isn't that fascinating? The Russian Embassy basically "nuked" the American Embassy from across the street by directing microwaves at the building and created all kinds of illness within the compound. Who says microwave radiation isn't harmful?

Lynn Quiring