Friday, February 15, 2008

Why Is Wireless Technology Dangerous (Part 2)

We've established the fact that the damaging effects from radio frequency radiation (cell phones, Wi-Fi, etc.) does not come from a heating effect on our tissues but instead come from the Information-Carrying Radio Wave (ICRW). See the last post for more discussion about the ICRW.

When the ICRW contacts the body the cells of the body recognize it as a foreign invader. Steps are immediately taken by the body to protect itself. One of the first things that happen is that the active transport channels in to and out of the cell membrane shut down. The result of this is that the cell membrane becomes hard, not flexible and pliable as it should be. When the cell membrane gets hard the good nutrients we consume in the form of good food and good supplements can't get inside the cell where they are needed for nourishment. So the cell doesn't get nourished. Also, the free radicals and toxins that build up inside the cell can't get out. They're trapped inside. So the body cannot detoxify properly. This is an extremely important development as we'll learn in succeeding posts.

What are the implications of this? First, the nutrients that build up outside the cell create a "nutrient rich" medium in the space where the cell lives. This is called the interstitial fluid and is simply known as the fluid between the cells. The free radicals and toxins that build up inside the cell damage and destroy the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell. It's where energy is made. Due to the free radical damage and lack of energy the cell eventually dies. When enough cells die tissues are affected. When enough tissue dies organs are affected. And so the cascade of events begin that produces illness.

We'll continue to unravel this scenario in the posts ahead so we can understand just how all this electropollution is harming us. It gets very interesting...and it's a very serious issue. So keep reading.

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