Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Overcoming The Problem

From previous posts it is obvious by now that electromagnetic radiation causes damage to the cell membrane and cell structure. This is where the damage begins. Our efforts need to be concentrated on restoring health and mitigating further damage. Three separate areas need to be addressed. This three-step process follows the public health paragidm which is the gold standard in addressing major public health problems.

Here are the three steps that should ALWAYS be followed in addressing the electropollution problem:

1. Measures need to be undertaken to reduce the exposure to electromagnetic radiation. If you're cleaning up a polluted lake you've got to stop the continual influx of toxic waste before you can clean it up. Same goes for your body. We've got to reduce the exposure.

2. We need to take measures to strengthen the body so it can resist the negative impact from electromagnetic radiation. One way we do this is by strengthening the body's biofield.

3. We must begin process to repair the damage that has already been done.

These interventions follow the model established through the Public Health Paradigm.

We'll focus the next several posts on addressing these topics in enough detail to provide an understanding of how to begin the process of protection, exposure reduction and repair of damage.

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