Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Startling Facts About Cell Phones

Listen to these facts about cell phone use:
  • Talking on a cell phone as little as 500 minutes a month can increase the probability of brain cancer by 300%
  • A two-minute call on a cell phone alters a child's brain for an hour
  • Cell phone radiation has been show to damage and break living DNA
  • Cell phone radiation causes leakage of the blood-brain barrier allowing toxins to damage sensitive brain tissue
  • Cell phones worn by men on a belt clip can reduce sperm count by 30%
  • After using a cell phone for six years the risk of developing an acoustic neuroma (a tumor of the auditory nerve) increases by 50%
  • Cell phone radiation increases estrogen and adrenaline levels in the body disrupting hormonal balance

Think twice about using your cell phone for everything. It produces damaging radiation. And if you must use a cell phone use it safely and responsibly. Take protective measures to ensure your safety.

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