Monday, November 26, 2007

Autism, Cell Phones and EMR

Want to hear some major news about cell phones and wireless technology? According to a new ground-breaking study just published this week in the Australasian Journal of Clinical Environmental Medicine, wireless communication and technology may be responsible for accelerating the rise in autism. (J.Aust.Coll.nutr.&Env.Med, 2007; Vol.26, No.2 pg 3-7)

According to this study wireless technology and electromagnetic radiation prevents the body's cells from detoxifying. Heavy metals, which are often seen as one of the reasons behind autism, cannot be easily excreted in the presence of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). It seems EMR makes the cell membrane "hard" and materials, such as heavy metals and toxins can't move out of the cell to be excreted. Consequently, good nutrients can't move inside the cell where they are needed for nourishment.

George Carlo, who headed the world's largest safety research project on cell phones back in the late 1990s, co-authored the paper along with Tamara Mariea, an autism specialist in Nashville, TN. Mariea commented, "These findings give us very important clues to solving some of the enigmas we see in the autism literature regarding the efficacy of detoxification. And, we are extremely pleased with the results we are now seeing in these children. Our protocols are working."

Dr. Carlo said, "These findings tie in with other studies showing adverse cell-membrane responses and disruptions of normal cell physiology. The EMR apparently causes the metals to be trapped in cells, slowing clearance and accelerating the onset of symptoms."

I've felt for years that there may be a connection between EMR and autism. EMR is so disruptive to cell-to-cell communication and isn't that what autism is? And if you look at the growth of cell phones, introduced in 1983, you see that it parallels the increase in autism. I'm glad some research has finally come out indicating there is a connection.

What's the message here? Parents, get your kids off those cell phones!! If your child has autism remove the EMR from their environment. If you want more information on how to do this contact me.

Electropollution is a huge, huge problem and it's growing bigger by the day.

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